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Swedish Massage Therapy


Swedish massages, LOW COST / Reiki Healing

as LOW as $23.35 for FULL Body massage!!!

Massage Parties In Fort Lauderdale

 Soothing music (or your own) can be played.

Plain oil can be use, if preferred.

About Us

Steve Cassidy, RN, LMT.


Lic. Massage Therapist

Reiki Master

Certified Health Coach

IN your OFFICE:  Both a MASSAGE Therapist AND A Reiki MASTER for 90 minutes to give all your employees BOTH massages and Reiki ON-SITE Massages and On-site REIKI........

About Us

Why get Reiki/Massage

Swedish Massage is BEST for Lower Back Pain, Sciatic, Headaches, Stiff neck, and GREAT for STRESS Reduction; Good for CIRCULATION, Increased Immunity, & Improved Muscle tone which helps in LOSSING Weight. Lic.#MA010002

RN Consultant with 35 years experience in Cardiac Intensive Care, Recovery Room and Hospice.


  1. Cuddling, Hugging, Touching!!!!!!!(massage, Reiki, )

* increases White Blood Cell count

​* increases Endorphin Levels (makes U feel good)

​*Increases Your Immunity....

​*increases your circulation

​HELPS u lose weight if U excerise

Swedish Massage Makes-U-feel MARVELOUS!

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​Massage is an Excellent Tool to advertise your Products or Business at CONFERENCES.

​our massages at conference, offices, meetings are done on massage Tables!​

​Lower Stress, Improve Productivity, reduce sick days, TELL your employees U CARE!

​Employees perform better, have creativity, reduces Fatigue, HELPS reduce carpel Tunnel, relief of Tension Headaches, neck pain and back pain

 Employee appreciation days, Health Fairs(w/MUSIC) 


massage party.......​

have friends over and share the time by paying one low price.

everyone gets massaged. U are charge only for the time.

Even for Pets!


YOUR PETS will love the Reiki Healing Energy, Reiki Classes OFFERED.


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